Experience the Comfort with Twin-adjustable Beds

In simple terms, twin-adjustable bed is a double bed with hinges and joints that allow the bed to be adjusted to different positions, ensuring maximum ease and comfort in any movement you make. There are some common adjustments that can be made in the twin bed which include raising the lower body and inclination of the upper body of the adjustable bed independently along with other positions like the Trendelenburg or reverse Trendelenburg positions.

The adjustable twin bed is often referred to as adjustable beds for the elderly because the individual adjusting beds used in hospitals are more or less similar to the ones used for home care or in the old age homes as they have quite the similar basic functionality.

Advantages of the Twin Adjustable Bed

1. These beds are mostly used for people who are partially or fully physically handicapped, or completely bed ridden which might be the case for chronic illnesses or old age.

2. It is a good option for ensuring maximum comfort for the people who are recovering from surgeries or the sick and elderly people whose health is deteriorating.

3. These are the best type of beds that provide a relaxing and comfortable sleep for the people who have recently been out of surgery, have body air circulation condition or breathing problems.

4. It is helpful for people as it lets the bed ridden or patients sit up in different positions because of its numerous adjustable settings.

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Twin Adjustable Bed

How to Order the Bed of your Choice?

Out of the various options you have, you can decide whether to buy an individual or a Twin Adjustable Bed and proceed with the following steps that guide you to buy the best and comfortable bed for you and your loved ones.

STEP 1-You can first select a suitable colour and texture for your dual adjustable bed from the website’s catalogue. 

STEP 2- Then you may select any necessary accessories you might require with your adjustable bed and choose whether you want the bed with or without a foot-end storage drawer.

STEP 3 –Then you can select the size of the bed, according to the bedroom space available to you.

STEP 4 -You may select a matching headboard for the bed if required to ensure maximum comfort.

STEP 5 – Make sure that you select the most comfortable mattress type and quality for quick recovery.

STEP 6 – Finally, it is up to you to select the delivery & installation options for an easy and fast, hassle- free purchase and delivery.

Make your transition period after surgery an easy and relaxing experience with the best adjustable twin-beds available at BackCarebeds. Make the task of buying the Adjustable Bed easy with the useful insights given by the website and get free samples for your colour choice according to your preference.

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